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Dear pluggle affiliates, This past few weeks has been challenging to say the least. As you all know, SEC posted an advisory against pluggle labeling us as an investment company and we all know this is not true. We have been coordinating with SEC to clear this issue in order for the advisory to be recalled but such action, unfortunately takes time and resources. Ever since the advisory, our pluggle business has been adversely affected especially after most media outlets carried the news and even went as far as calling pluggle an online scam. We are still a young company and this kind of issue is a deathblow to our business. With this, Pluggle management has decided to discontinue our affiliate program and just continue pluggle as an advertising website after we deal with the SEC issue. This doesn't mean we will stop clearing our name with SEC because we are already in the process of doing it and we will make sure we will finish it. This doesn't mean we will leave our affiliates hanging as we have made moves that will ensure that our affiliates will still be able to do their business if they choose to do so in a more secure and lucrative program, free from issues and negative perception. If you're still interested in such program, pls do coordinate with your upline and leaders to know more details. Pluggle has changed many lives for the better in such a short amount of time and we thank all of you for all the trust and confidence. As much as we want to keep it all going, we must be practical in our decisions, Not for us, but for our affiliates. We need to move on and move forward so we can help more people. .